PureFit Yoga & Pilates, Walled Lake, MI, July 21, 2016

PureFit Yoga & Pilates is a studio that is operated by Emily Kasal out of the Walled Lake United Methodist Church in Walled Lake, MI. Classes are held both in the basement of the church and, weather permitting, in two local parks in the area. I had the pleasure of taking the 5:30 pm Yoga class taught by Kelly (pictured below) in Clara Miller Park on Wednesday, and the 9:30 am Pilates class taught by Emily (pictured above) on Thursday morning.

Both instructors were outstanding, and both classes were well-attended by what appears to be a strong core of dedicated practitioners. Emily is particularly interested in spreading the gospel of the union of Yoga and Pilates to the general public. In her words, “Pilates changed my body, and Yoga changed my life”, a philosophy that I can agree with wholeheartedly. She is a strong and adept Mat Pilates teacher, and friends who have taken her Yoga classes also attest very positively to her Yoga teaching ability.

Emily is committed to making her classes accessible to the public; the low overhead afforded by the location she has chosen has allowed her to keep her classes very affordable. Drop-in classes are only 12 dollars, and a monthly unlimited pass can be had for only 45 dollars. The first class is FREE, so if you find yourself in the area, or  live in the area, be sure to take advantage of that offer. One caveat, however–you may find yourself hooked!

Emily is also very creative, and that aspect of her personality combined with her very telegenic appearance, has allowed her to spread her message of fitness to a much wider audience via the medium of television through her appearances on WDIV Channel 4 Fitness Friday spots.




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