Nativo Lodge, Albuquerque, July 10, 2016

I am staying the night at the Nativo Lodge, a very interesting hotel in Albuquerque. The hotel is permeated by a Native American theme, the price was right, and I even got a coupon for a 15% discount on the restaurant and bar! Can’t beat that! Above there is a picture of the statue of the Native American deity that graces the lobby. The staffing is minimal, but the employees they have are very friendly and efficient. I give it a good recommendation.


This morning I felt I needed a strong flow workout as I am missing my Saturday and Sunday classes with my yoga muse, Ramona Magnolia Tamulinas, so I took in a class at the Bend Hot Yoga studio in Prescott. The class, at 8:45 am on a Sunday, was packed, and the flow, while kind of formulaic was stimulating, fun, and generated copious sweat. While Ramona’s classes at Yoga World are room temperature classes, somehow they also turn into hot yoga classes due to the energy that is generated in the room. Students entering for the next classes always remark on how warm the room is, and that warmth is not externally generated but created by Ramona’s flow combined with the energies of the students. Her classes are the things that I miss most when I am on the road!

The drive up from Prescott was beautiful, but I was in for a bit of a shock when I stopped in Gallup and stepped out of my car–the temperature was 100 degrees, with a strong and steady wind of about 20 mph from the WSW. Not a very pleasant place to be outside when you throw in the high level of dust in the air. From Gallup to Albuquerque I could see clouds building to the south, and as I approached there were a lot of scattered thundershowers but all stayed to the south of I-40.

Tomorrow I head to Colorado Springs, taking the scenic route through the mountains. If the weather holds it promises to be a beautiful drive.

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