We Are Yoga, Salt Lake City, July 26, 2016

The last few days of traveling across the country from the Detroit area to Elko, NV, had left me feeling a bit out of sorts as I was having trouble finding yoga along the way. My first stop was in Cedar Rapids, IA, but I arrived too late on a Friday night to take any classes, and couldn’t find any yoga at all in North Platte, NE or Green River, UT. I also didn’t see anything in Elko, my current location, so I decided to get out extra early so I could stop in and catch a 9:30 am class at We Are Yoga in SLC.

After a harrowing trip in rush hour traffic down from Park City, a very curvy downhill toboggan ride where the speed limit of 65 mph was ignored and I was being passed on the right and the left even though I was going between 75 and 80, followed by the singularly unpleasant experience of negotiating that traffic in the city itself, I was really feeling the need for some centering! The class at We Are Yoga really did the trick!


The drop-in price is only $15, and there are two large studios in the studio that are nicely decorated and well furnished with all of the necessary props. If you look at the Teachers page on the WAY (We Are Yoga) website you will see that they have pictured 22 very accomplished teachers, an amazing assemblage of talent, making me wish that I could spend more time there to experience more of them!


Alas, all that I could fit in was the Open Level flow class taught by Rachel Posner, pictured above. The class was well attended by perhaps a dozen students, ranging in ability from seasoned yogis to relative beginners, and Rachel did a great job of differentiating instruction for the class as a whole. In terms of content, this would have been a nightmare class for me just a few months ago as the focus was on balances, but my new feet served me well and I was able to hold my own. In addition to the usual warm-up and cool-down Rachel had us do three balance sequences. The first variation sequenced Tree->Dancer->Warrior 3->Standing Splits, and the last peak sequence went  Tree->Dancer->Half-Moon-> Revolved Half-Moon (with or without maintaining the foot hold from Dancer). It was both challenging and invigorating, and if you are passing through SLC We Are Yoga would be an excellent stop.


One thought on “We Are Yoga, Salt Lake City, July 26, 2016

  1. Rachel Posner says:

    It was great to have you John! So glad you enjoyed class and the We Are Yoga studio. Hope to see you the next time you pass through Salt Lake.


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