Injury Update, August 27, 2016

It’s a Saturday morning here at Steelhead Coffee, and I have been trying to get to this for a while but keep on getting drawn into conversation with the young couple sitting to my right. They are Patrick and Isabella, both recent graduates of UCLA, and in my estimation a couple of pretty smart cookies. Patrick, whose degree is in Structural Engineering, is in his second year at an engineering firm in downtown Long Beach, and Isabella, with a degree in Psychology, is working as a Supplemental Instructor (SI) at Long. Beach City College (LBCC), a brilliant choice on her part. Her immediate objective is to get into a Nursing/Master’s program at UCLA, and in her work as an SI she has the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant for a variety of classes, all of which serve as opportunities to brush up her own skills and knowledge in those areas. SI’s must be certified in each area, and certification can be established by having earned an A in the base class or its equivalent. In Isabella’s case she is certified for Anatomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Math classes through calculus, Psychology, Sociology,… and many more. This is an awesome way to both earn a living and prepare for further study. Both of them are intelligent, interesting, and energetic conversationalists and I foresee great futures for them.


But enough about them! It’s time to talk about me. Let’s see…on Tuesday afternoon while riding on the bike path I ran over a skateboard at the same time that my attention was diverted. There was a young couple against the wall on the left, and some rather aggressive making out going on, and I was checking to see if the young lady was in some kind of trouble. My current hypothesis is that the young man’s skateboard got away from him and I rode right over it. The bike, being an off-road capable hybrid, fortunately had a geometry that kept me from sailing over the handle bars like I would have on my road bike, but riding over a skateboard at speed (about 17 mph) created a tremendous jolt that my unsuspecting right elbow was not set up for. The preliminary diagnosis was of a fracture of the proximal end of the radius, but that was delivered by the x-Ray tech (“…there might be a fracture…”) and subject to verification by the radiologist. Haven’t seen that report yet, but I am leaning less towards the possibility of a fracture and more towards some nasty soft tissue problems. I have taken off the sling and the arm has good mobility and the hands mostly work fine. Functionality is strongly dependent on arm angle. With my arm at my side I can get pretty much full flexion and extension, but with the arm at or above shoulder level all bets are off, and bad things happen.

I have an appointment with an orthopedist on Monday, and my suspicion is that this is just a cheap ploy by my body to get some more of that Physical Therapy that it likes so much! Can’t get enough of it!


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