Sutras Yoga, July 8, 2016

1:43 pm, and I am at Starbucks in Prescott. I really like the atmosphere at Wild Iris, but as the wi-fi was not working I decided to move it up the road a bit. I took the Yoga Bliss Yin class at 10:45 with Cristina Hunt at Sutras Yoga. Sutras is a small and very welcoming studio in the heart of Prescott just a block west of the Courthouse Square. One of the notable features of the class schedule are the “Yoga Bliss” classes, and I believe that this term is both the trademark of the owner of the studio, Amber Aten, and an indicator of one of her guiding philosophies.


Entrance to the studio

The interior of the studio is very nicely appointed, comfortable, and very conducive to a calm and meditative practice. There is also a dedicated “Healing Room”, and I am very much interested in finding out more about what kind of healing services and practitioners are available there. The art work on the back wall of that room is pictured above in the featured image.


Interior view, with Jason prepping for class, and Cristina preparing to leave

Above you can see the interior view of the studio. On the left you can see Jason prepping for his Happy Hour Flow class. Both classes I have taken here have made extensive use of props (and picking up props afterwards), and both teachers have spent time before class laying out mats and props for the students. I don’t know at this point whether that behavior is idiosyncratic for Cristina and Jason, or if that is the modus operandi for the studio as a whole. My guess is it is the latter and that is part and parcel of the Yoga Bliss package.

On the left above is the Om Mandala, which is very nicely executed, and on the right is good old Ganesha in all his glory.


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