Starbucks, Prescott, July 9, 2016

I am now at Starbucks in Prescott, rehydrating with a Passion Fruit iced tea after taking yet another class at Sutras Yoga. Today’s class was a donation class taught by rotating teachers, and today’s instructor was Jason. A couple of the questions I had yesterday have been answered. First, the extensive preparation for class (setting out mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets, etc.) that I saw in both Cristina and Jason’s classes are indeed idiosyncratic to those two. As Jason put it, he and Cristina are kindred souls, and he knew that when he found out that she practices at home on a pink mat, just like he does. I also found out what services are available in the dedicated Healing Room…


Last night I had dinner and entertainment at the Raven Cafe. Dinner consisted of their salmon dinner along with a pint of porter, and the entertainment was an outstanding blues performance by the R. D. Olson band as this was the occasion for their CD release party. I was pretty close to the action as the piano (and saxophone) player was practically sitting at my table. The food and beer were good, the music was great, and I was particularly impressed by the sound man at the venue. One of the places I used to like to go in LA when I got out more was Genghis Cohen, and one of the reasons I liked it so much was the sound was always great due to the efforts of their sound man, Terry. At the Raven the sound booth is upstairs, and to get from the booth to the front requires going to the back of the store, down the stairs, and then up to the front, and the Raven’s guy was literally running back and forth in order to work out some problems with the console next to the stage.


Tonight I am looking forward to returning to the Raven to see one of my favorite LA area bands, Jeremiah and the Red Eyes. Jeremiah is back on the road following a rather nightmarish solo tour last month that left him stranded in Flagstaff. I guess he never learns, but that’s all to the good as far as I am concerned.

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