Resetting, Day 1, July 29, 2016

I am back and re-establishing routines. Some things will remain the same, and others will change for various reasons. Started my day at 5:00 am with the morning weigh-in, the official result being 143.2 lbs, which was a very happy state given the length of time I had not paid attention to that statistic.

Then there was the venti sized cup of French Pressed coffee, some time atop my throne, some browsing of the Internet, and then I began my morning practice at about 6. Did an abbreviated version that only lasted about 90 minutes. Left out ab work as the plan for the day included a workout with Stephanie, so it was into the shower, and then prepping for the days expeditions.


First it was off to SteelHead, where the first thing I discovered was that I had forgotten to pack any money! Ouch, system failure! Luckily my friend Manfred was there and willing to cover the cost of my meal! I was very happy to hear that his Netflix series, “Bail”, will be going into production at the end of August. Steelhead was very busy, and I managed to have several interesting conversations with former complete strangers before heading off to LA Fitness for some light weight work and therapeutic treadmill and elliptical work.

From the gym it was back home to collect my wallet, and then back on the bike to my weekly workout with my core coach, Stephanie, who put me through a combination mat Pilates and barre workout, a combination that I had been missing very much while on the road. From Stephanie’s I took the long way home along the beach and up the LA River, stopping off at the Fox Coffee House on Willow for a bite to eat. Unfortunately my favorite, the vegan pot pie, was already sold out, but they did have a very tasty salad with kale, quinoa, hummus, avocado, and other goodies that made for a good replacement. Then home for a bit of a nap and a chance to ice my aching knees! After not riding my bike for three weeks they were not happy about having to do a vigorous 25 miles on the first day back.

Next stop was Yoga World Studios where I took the 5:30 pm strong Vinyasa Flow class with the lovely Ashley Corbin-Teich. Ashley is making a conscious effort to up the difficulty level of her class, and that, combined with my already very much fatigued legs pretty much wiped me out. Her peak sequence strung together a long series of asanas targeting hamstrings, and mine were pretty much worked out about halfway through. Ashley, by the way, is also a gifted photographer and has the photo credit for the picture on my Home page.

Last stop for the day was Lazy Acres grocery store where I stocked up on veggies and also made use of their ready-to-eat food bar to get dinner out of the way. Then home, where I was in bed by about 8:30. It’s good to be back!

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