Flow LBC and friends,Sunday, September 25, 2016

I began my yoga practice just over four years ago and have had the benefit of personalized instruction from some very dedicated teachers. Paramount among that group is Ramona Magnolia Tamulinas, my yoga muse. I have been taking weekly private yoga lessons from Ramona for almost three years now and have reaped tremendous improvements in my practice as a result. I am currently quite excited that Ramona is now in the process of opening her own studio. The studio, named Flow LBC, is in the Wrigley neighborhood in Long Beach at 700 W. Willow (cross street Maine Ave) and is but a short walk from home for me.

On Sunday, September 25, we were treated to an open house at the studio. Ramona, unfortunately, was unable to attend, so fellow teachers Violeta Isavel Rangel, Adrienne Peters, and Samantha (aka, Sam) Parks served as hosts for the event. Ramona and friends have done a wonderful job of creating a space very conducive to a pleasant and productive yoga experience. Despite the 102 degree heat outside, the combination of air conditioning and ceiling fans made for a very comfortable place to spend a very hot afternoon.

In addition to potluck food and drinks, some wonderful entertainment was provided. First up was an acapella trio, Bedlam Lullaby, featuring Sam Parks, Cameo Adele, and Denicar Bergancia, self-described as three old souls with a thirst for chaos and a love for serenading others. I was completely captivated by their mix of old standards, current tunes, and original compositions. All three of them have beautiful voices, and together they have a grasp of harmony that provides for breathtaking results. They have been together for about three years now and are currently only gigging once or twice a month, but I predict that once word gets out about them that they will very soon be a very hot commodity.


Next up was something very different, a trio named Emerald Frontier fronted by Adrienne Peters (another multi-talented yogini!) and including Adrienne’s spouse Tracy Jupiter on multiple instruments along with Heather Dillehunt on bass. They are “…a post dark-wave electronic trio with a hint of mid-east flair… Mix a bit of urban grit with sultry, dark vocals, keyboards, bass, and electronic composed beats and theater [for]…a transformative trip through uncharted territories.” Adrienne was a bit nonplussed by the confines of the space and a lack of vocal monitors, but they put on a stirring set nonetheless.

Ramona is still in the process of assembling a regular schedule for the studio, and for the time being they are offering a variety of donation based classes. Check the website for current and future class offerings.

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