Triceps update, Thursday, September 22, 2016

The featured image is a panorama of the very cool mural in the restroom at Steelhead Coffee that extends across three walls!


Now about me. Because of the difficulty Dr. Warden had in stretching and reattaching my tendons he is taking a very cautious approach, which means that I am still wearing a splint that keeps my arm almost fully extended 24/7. As I am right-handed and the injury is to my right arm this has been more than a small hassle, but I have adapted quite well. As time goes on I have noticed that the bindings on the splint have loosened somewhat and the utility of my right arm has been improving. I can now do things like pull up my pants, whereas before I was unable to even reach my waistband, and movements that formerly caused discomfort now come and go without pain. I took it very easy last week on walking as I was also trying to rehabilitate an upper hamstring strain, but this week I have been able to be more ambitious and extend my range quite a bit. Prognosis on both fronts is very promising!

My next visit with Dr. Warden is scheduled for Monday afternoon, and I am hopeful that I will lose the splint at that time

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