Status Update, Thursday, October 27, 2016

Just a quickie to update anyone interested in what is going on with me. After a couple of wild and crazy weeks (Vegas and Mexico trips), I am now settling back into a more regular routine. I have now been free of my brace for just over a week, and there are improvements in function every day!! One day last week my ballet teacher, Carri Burbank, asked if I could yet drink out of a champagne glass. At that point my answer was that I could hold the glass, and even get it close to my lips, but would not yet be able to drink out of it. Well, as of yesterday evening I was able to effortlessly tip a glass of wine and am pretty confident that my answer to Carri will be yes! Bring on the champagne!


I have now established my morning workout regimen, which consists of stretches, squats and heel raises, and some stability exercises that I lifted from my physical therapy routines. Also about 10 minutes of core work. Currently I am not doing any upper body work, but in the near future will be trying to integrate some into my routine. My shoulders need it!

I am also now getting back into utilizing the services of “Team John”, the core group of dedicated professionals who assist me in my endeavors. Last Friday I had a session with my core coach, Stephanie Winkler, who very creatively was able to put me through a grueling 1 hour mat Pilates/barre routine without doing things that might jeopardize my perhaps fragile triceps. On Monday I got back into the groove with my body mechanic, Donna Place, who has a gift for instantly zeroing in on whatever body parts need attention and the skills to fix the problems. This time it was my right upper back/shoulders, and some hip stability exercises on the Gyrotonics tower. Tuesday I had a massage session with my body tenderizer, Teresa Figueroa, and in the very near future will resume yoga sessions with my yoga muse, Ramona Magnolia Tamulinas! Life is good!

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