Steelhead Coffee, Saturday, November 5, 2016

Just a quick note to give a shout out to Cheetah and Rhiann Platt, the proud owners of the ultimate shop catering to the aerial arts, Aerial Essentials in Las Vegas. They are having their grand opening celebration there today, and if you are in the area stop in.

Just sitting here waiting to head over to my ballet class at Elevation Studios. Been a fun and interesting morning. First, the lovely Jillian was working the register, and Jillian is always good for a giggle or three. I got her going, and then the young lady in line behind me went it for the knockout as both of them were prone to the giggles and primed to go off.

The young lady from the line sat next to me and started perusing a large format book of techniques for drawing perspective. I asked if she was an artist, and then had to convince her that she actually is one. If one does art, then one is perfectly justified in calling oneself an artist. Her name is Kimberly and she manages Recreational Coffee, a coffee shop at 3rd and Long Beach Blvd that I am planning on visiting at some time in the near future.


Saw an amazing stunt baby just a little while ago. A young man sat next to me, and he had his 19 mounth old daughter with him. She was on the chair across from him, and had turned around and was kneeling facing the back. You could see the wheels going around as she was determined to stand up. Finally, when dad was distracted by his food she managed to go for it. In a flash she was up, over, and smacked face down onto the concrete floor. There were about three seconds of crying, then dad picked her up, wiped her face, and she was fine. Knows how to take a fall!

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