Status Report, Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Way back in my penultimate blog entry from the beginning of July I displayed a graph displaying the decreasing frequency of my blog posts, and that curve is becoming very logarithmic in nature. After only getting out two posts in July I am sitting here realizing that I have almost let the month of August slip by with no posts.

With the way that things are going, that may still happen. I just sat down here at Steelhead Coffee intending to write and got engaged in conversation with a friend, John Greer, i found out some things that I didn’t know about him. What I did know about John was that he is a serious Bible scholar who has been reading numerous scriptural texts in the original Greek and taking classes at Biola College. I knew that he has an Asian wife named Jenny and that they had adopted Zoe, a special-needs Chinese girl. Today I found out that his wife is currently in the Republic (not State) of Georgia doing a stint of missionary work, and that he himself is a published author whose “When God is not Enough” is available on Amazon.

That was a great interaction, but it also ate up the time I had devoted to writing because it was time to head out to the east side where I took my first flow yoga class since my accident (one year ago today!) at LA Fitness with a teacher, Jonathan, who I had heard good things about and who appears to be a kindred soul to Gabriel Hall from Yoga World. Next was a Power Pilates class with Becky Tyo at Pilates X, followed by the bike ride home where I had some lunch and a nap, then a bit more work at Fox Coffee House before I caught a bus downtown for dinner at Thai District and then enjoyed the Women Of Wonder (WOW) music and poetry mashup organized by Yeggi Watts at the Wine Bar.

That was a pretty typical day for me, and there were not a lot of sizable segments of time where I could just sit down and work on my blogging!

Okay, now it’s Friday and I really should get this out. Here is a little slide show that follows my recovery…

Okay, and that’s a wrap! If I can just remember to publish this I will not have been skunked for August!!


2 thoughts on “Status Report, Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  1. randel bundt says:

    always enjoy these John . Stay healthy my friend I spent the day out on the lake with my brother and Dog…rented a pontoon boat and did allot of floating in the sun and it was a great place to check the fire damage from the Detwiller fire that had us evacuated this year. be well pics to follow on facebook


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