First Anniversary, July 1, 2017

First anniversary of what? Well, it is the first anniversary of the point when I made the transition from talking about being a blogger, to actually having a blog. July 1, 2015 was the first day of my retirement, and July 1, 2016 was when i finally bit the bullet and published my first entry.


As you can see from the chart, I got off to a bang-up start. Shortly after starting last July I took off on a cross-country trip for most of July, and while on the road I was posting almost every day for a total of 25 posts that month. August slowed down just a bit with 14 posts.

Photo Jul 01, 11 17 18 AM

It’s all uphill from here!

The end of August is when I ruptured my triceps, but I still managed 13 posts for September. Five posts each for the months of October, November and January followed, with just three posts in December. Then as I got back on my bike and started my high-exercise phase things dropped off a lot–two in February, one in March, three in April, missed May entirely, and two last month, with a grand total of 78 posts, and those posts have received 4137 views by 2315 visitors. Thanks for all of those visits and views! Now it’s time to post number 79. Onward and upward!

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