Status Report, Monday, December 10, 2018

Okay, I am determined to not let December slip by without a new blog post, so it is time to make that determination manifest!! So, here goes!

I have been quite busy with school, and the semester is now coming to an end. I am in the Pilates/Dance Conditioning program at Orange Coast Community College (OCCC) and am enjoying the heck out of it!

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I have been doing Pilates for several years now, but almost all of my experience prior to this semester was in Mat Pilates. I had been on the Reformer a bit before, and the Cadillac once or twice, but my experience with the apparatus was very limited. That has now changed and I have been spending a lot of time on those devices along with the Wunda Chair, and that accelerated work has done wonders for my core control. As I sit here writing I am also enjoying a level of engagement with my core that I have not felt for many, many years!

I am working on my certification not so much as a career objective but to enhance my own personal development. This is a great time, however, and the OCCC program is a great avenue, for those who are interested in a career in Pilates. I already have two studio owners who have expressed a desire that I teach for them, and the Orange County LA Fitness locations have all installed Reformer rooms and are looking for teachers.

I looked at the schedule for the Anaheim Hills site and saw that they have 43 reformer classes a week, and that is going to require an infusion of new teaching talent. You cannot beat the price of the OCCC program–private certification programs cost on the order of $5,000 for certification just for Mat Pilates, but you can get a full certification through OCCC for under $1,000! Pretty amazing! I was planning on finishing up next Fall with this program, but Ms. Amelie (Hunter) is encouraging me to put my nose to the grindstone and finish up this Spring. Will see how that works out!

Speaking of my own personal development, the other big focus has been the rehabilitation of my right foot and there have been some promising developments on that front too! I hurt it pretty bad back in mid-August to the point where I couldn’t even do minimal walking for several weeks. I have been back to my ultramarathon training with my hiking/running partner Anna for about seven weeks now.

Anna and the Pipe

Anna, channeling Kerry Ward, in Chino Hills State Park

Up until this week there was no running, and our longest excursion was just under 8 miles. Last week I was on the treadmill, trudging along at a 15% grade, and when I got my speed up to 3.1 mph I spontaneously broke into a run, and I was able to keep up a 3.5 mph pace at a 15% grade for 5 minutes without hurting myself!! Yesterday I also found myself breaking into a run going up the steepest sections of our weekly hike. I was kind of sore when I got to the top, but that soreness did not increase on the descent, and an hour of rest later was enough to dissipate that soreness.

Anna and I were registered to do the Ray Miller 50K ultra that was scheduled for last weekend, but that was, thankfully, canceled due to the Malibu fires. Thankfully because I was not ready at that time. The next target is a 50K ultra that will be run in Griffith Park in early March. I think I will be ready for that one!

I also scored my own Gyrotonic tower last month, so now in addition to the Gyrotonic Foundation classes I have been taking with Veeseuth and Rachelle I can do my own home practice. Also on the Gyro front we will be wrapping up our introductory Gyrokinesis class (another OCCC benefit) at Orange Coast tomorrow. That class has also made major contributions to my core control.


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