Steelhead, July 6, 2016

It’s 10:03, and I am at SteelHead Coffee. I just finished my usual breakfast, the cortado and eggs and toast, and had a chat with the folks above. Against the wall you can see Sarvat and Bemmy. Sarvat is a management consultant, and he is today doing some work to support a non-profit, Ocean Discovery, that works to provide students with ocean-based science experiences. Bemmy is a doctoral student in Public Policy at UC Irvine studying urban environmental policy. Across the table is Aziz, Sarvat’s nephew, who is visiting from Azerbaijan. When I asked Sarvat if I could take a picture of him he jokingly said that he was a bit hesitant because he thought that he “looked a bit dangerous”, which is, of course, code for “looks like a Muslim”. It is a sad state of affairs when beautiful people like Sarvat and Bemmy need to have those kinds of concerns weighing on them. They are, by the way, expecting their second child.

As for me, I am getting ready to hit the road. Looks like my first stop will be Prescott, AZ. I was there a couple of years ago and had some very nice yoga experiences that left me hungry for more! I am planning on saturating myself in the environment of Om Sutras School in Prescott. My favorite experience of my last trip was the Sunday morning Yoga Bliss class with Amber Aten, and I see that she is teaching it again this coming Sunday. I need to tie up a few details here and will probably hit the road tomorrow.

Right now it is time to continue my walk over to LA Fitness. My trouble spots (currently left shoulder and right hip) are both feeling much better following my massage therapy with Teresa and my session with Donna Place. It’s kind of hard to categorize what Donna does as she is totally eclectic in her approach; it’s a mixture of gyrotonics, Pilates, deep-tissue massage, and anything else that she knows. Whatever it is, it has been invaluable to me. Yesterday in passing I met another of Donna’s long-time clients and was very envious that she has been seeing Donna on a weekly basis for over ten years. My advice to all of you out there is to find yourself a “Donna”, meaning a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner with thumbs of steel and a wide array of knowledge and skills who will work tirelessly to build you a better body!

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