Sunday morning, July 3, 2016

It’s Sunday morning, and I just got done hanging out at DRNK coffeehouse and playing some LiteBrite with my young friend Savannah. She is a most delightful young lady who comes in most Sunday mornings. Sometimes it is with just her dad, Drew, and sometimes with her mom Pam and her younger sister Callista.


Yesterday was a bit of a non-typical day. My plan for Saturday was to do my usual morning workout, ride my bike to Steelhead, for breakfast, then ride over to Yoga World studio for a class at 11 with my yoga muse, Ramona Magnolia Tamulinas, followed by a longer bike ride home, then walking, shopping, dinner, open mic at Fox Coffee House, and then going to hear Cubensis, a Grateful Dead tribute band. That plan was altered when my friend Kerry Winston Ward (fulltiltward on YouTube) posted on Facebook that he and his lovely daughter Indigo were enroute from Cabo San Lucas to Vancouver and had a layover in the afternoon at LAX and would love to meet anyone available for lunch or other adventures. The timing was right, and I haven’t seen Indigo since she and her dad camped out in my living room for a few days around New Year’s, so I altered my plan. I rode the bike back home, drove to yoga, and afterwards up to LAX where I picked up Kerry and Indigo. We had lunch at Ayara Thai restaurant in Westchester where we were met by Jack Kalvan. Then it was back to the airport and back home for a nap. I did make it to the open mic, but wound up bailing on the late night outing to see Cubensis.

I’ll be riding my bike back home shortly, then it is off to another class with Ramona at 11, followed by an excursion up to the Original Muscle Beach (OMB). One of our tribe, Heather Renee, is moving to Portland and today is her send-off day, so it should be a great day at the beach. May be a little cool and cloudy, but that never stops the stalwarts!.

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning, July 3, 2016

  1. unicornsinsombreros says:

    Awesome post, John. Sounds like a stellar day. I believe that’s the objective, isn’t it? Make the most of each day given, by sharing your time with good people, and exploring a bit. You sure know how to carpe the diem!!!



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