My First Blog Entry, Friday, July 1, 2016

Well, here goes–my first blog entry! It is now 1:33 pm on July 1, and I am at my second coffee shop for the day, Viento y Agua in (I think) Bluff Heights. The day started with my alarm at 5 am, followed by a very uncharacteristic tapping not once, but twice, of the snooze button. Up by 5:15, followed by strong coffee, a bowl of cherries and grapes, browsing of Facebook, folding of laundry, and various bodily functions best left un-detailed.

By 6:15 I was into my morning exercise routine. This routine is based largely on exercises and stretches that I have lifted from the two sessions of Physical Therapy (God’s gift to folks like me who want to age and still function) that were targeted at rotator cuff and knee issues, plus some core building exercises and a few handstands.

Rotator Cuff

Photo Feb 16, 5 27 22 PM
That routine takes about two hours, followed by a shower. Then it was off on my bike for a short ride to Steelhead Coffee, my breakfast hangout of choice, where I ordered my customary eggs and toast accompanied by a cortado. Today was a banner day at Steelhead–I have a daily bucket list, and high on that list is this item: “Talk to a pretty girl”. Today at Steelhead I had the pleasure of chatting with not just one or two pretty girls, but five! There was Jasmine, the Yoga teacher who is singing tonight with her band Via Leaves (@vialeaves) in downtown Long Beach, Shauna the wedding photographer and her friend Chrissy who is studying to be a Speech and Language Pathologist and has one more semester of undergraduate work left, Sutton the new barista, and the lovely Freda who is considering a career change after 24 years in education.
I then got back on the bike and rode to LA Fitness (Cherry and Carson) for about an hour. Just a little bit of weight work on the machines, a few squats with 110 lbs (I competed in power lifting at one point in my life and was probably the only power lifter who could bench press more than he could squat), 20 minutes of very slow walking (0.5 mph) on a treadmill with the incline increasing to 15 degrees, and 10 minutes of focused effort on the elliptical machine.

Then it was on the bike to ride down here to 4th and Termino for some blog work (this post being ample evidence of said work) and a bit of grub. Next on the agenda is a ride back home via the beach and the LA River, then a nap, and then a yoga class at Yoga World Studio with my teacher and photographer Ashley Corbin-Teich (@ashleycorbinteich). Maybe some music tonight, maybe not…

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