Independence Day, 2016

It is just about 10 am and I am spending a leisurely morning, working on my new job: keeping fit and talking about it. No holidays for the committed! One of the categories in this blog is “Places I Like”, and in that category will go posts like this one, where I am going to talk about my favorite place for hanging out in the morning, Steelhead Coffee in California Heights.


Steelhead is on the north side of Wardlow just east of Orange. It is a small store, seating 26, and I really like the setup of the chairs. I have been coming out of my shell lately and really enjoy opportunities to talk to others, and I find the arrangement of the benches on the east wall very conducive to striking up conversations with complete strangers, something I seem to be doing a lot of lately.

They have a nice assortment of sweets (which I avoid like the plague) but also a couple of savory croissants, one a ham and cheese and the other spinach and feta and both very tasty. On most days you can find either a ham and cheese or spinach and mushroom quiche, both good, but my favorites are the eggs and manchego on toast, and the avocado and heirloom tomatoes with feta on toast. Delicious both, and I will usually have one or the other Monday-Friday! I am still learning this blogging thing, so as soon as I figure out how to have multiple pictures in my blog posts I will post pictures. You can find pictures on my InstaGram account CaptainUnivac.

The staff and customers are incredibly friendly and the atmosphere is always up lifting. This morning we have Kat, Mike, and Oscar manning the fort, and I did see Robbie a bit earlier. They are all serious baristas and are either already masters or committed to learning some nice latte art!


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