Prescott, July 7, 2016

Now in Prescott, AZ. Took a leisurely drive up today, but arrived too late for a yoga class (sad face emoji here), so getting some dinner at Tara Fine Thai Cuisine. Very hungry!! There is quite a crowd across the street in the Courthouse Square listening to the Prescott Idol competition. I took in a couple of acts before I surrendered to hunger.


Last night I finally made it to downtown Long Beach to the open mic at the Hellada Gallery. I got there at 7, which was when it was supposed to start, and there were only about 5 people there, including me, but as the night rolled on performers kept on showing up and it turned into quite a lively show. My favorite was Dorothy Ism. Those of you who have been around me lately know my obsession with rebuilding my feet, and Dorothy has feet to die for. They appear to be the feet of a ballet dancer and are linked inextricably with her singing. It’s really cool when the performer is so taken with the music that she begins to levitate above the floor! The people are very friendly and supportive, the sound is great, and there is a great atmosphere and some nice art always on exhibit. I highly recommend it for the performers (or wannabe performers) out there. Signup is at 6:45, and the show runs from 7-9.

Tomorrow I am planning on starting the day with some walking around Prescott, followed by the 10:45 Yoga Bliss Yin class at Sutras Om School. Afterwards more exploring, and then I will be doing more exploring. Maybe I can even find some kind of a mat Pilates class. One of the downsides of going on the road for an extended period of time is my miss my weekly Friday sessions with my core coach, Stephanie Winkler. She customizes combination of mat Pilates and barre work that has done wonders for both my core (the Pilates) and my feet (the barre). Stephanie is another key member of “John’s Team” of dedicated practitioners working to help me build a better me!

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