Yoskay Yamamoto, August 4, 2016

When I am at Steelhead and have been sitting for a while, my habit is to get up, walk around the corner to the parking lot, and do a bit of stretchy flow. There has always been a plain white wall, which I have used as the backdrop for a short video. I went out today, though, and this is what I saw…


Actually, I didn’t see all of it as there was a car parked in the spot next to the handicapped spot. I went back in to grab my phone, and as luck would have it as I looked for a good position that car left. In the corner you can see the credits…


The name yoskay Yamamoto jumped out at me, and I recalled that he was the artist for the indoor wall mural pictured below …


That mural appeared seemingly overnight on the wall of the Fox Coffee House on Willow in Wrigley. The Fox is another one of my hangouts, and they are a valuable community resource. There are open mic’s on Thursdays and Saturdays at 6:30 pm, and they are usually well attended by talented and interesting people, so you can hear some music AND see Yoskay’s work! Wow!

I have only the briefest of excursions into Yoskay’s website, but that was enough to impress me greatly in terms of quality, presentation, and quantity. Definitely worth further exploration!

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