Roger and Judy Update, October 21, 2017

In requiem, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

I received a message third-hand last week from Roger Gedney indicating that Judy had stopped eating and drinking and that the end of her journey through this life was approaching. I have also been seeing a lot more hits on this post, and finally today I saw this obituary from Clugman-Tibbets Funeral Home in Macomb, IL:

“Judith M. “Judy” Gedney, age 78 of Macomb, Il., went to be with her Lord and Savior at 7:05 a.m. Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at Wesley Village Healthcare Center in Macomb. ”

Clicking on this LINK will take you to the full obituary with a wonderful tribute to Judy. A memorial service is scheduled for September 7, 2019, and the details are in the obituary.

July, 2017

Last summer I made a pilgrimage to Macomb, IL, the home of my alma-mater Western Illinois University, to visit with Roger and Judy Gedney. Roger was my gymnastics coach in college, and Judy had been the girl’s gymnastics coach at my High school.


We were the Western Illinois Bulldogs!

It had been four years since I had seen them, and at that time they had just moved into Wesley Estates, an independent living facility for seniors that is designed to provide them with a supportive environment through the end of life. At that time they were both hale and hearty. Roger was 77, and Judy was 73 and still carried herself like the world champion powerlifter that she had morphed into late in life.


Duplex Units in the Wesley Estates Facility

The first sign that all was not well was when I found that Judy’s phone had been disconnected. I found that her cognitive functions had deteriorated due to the onset of  Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration (CBGD). Further details can be found in my blog post Roger and Judy and I from last July. Roger was then living in an apartment in the Wesley Retirement unit, and Judy was in a room in their Rehabilitation Unit.

My post from that time achieved a wider range of distribution than I typically get. A month later Colleen and Jerry Westberg, alumni of the women’s and men’s gymnastics team at Western Illinois made the trip from their home in Quincy, IL to visit the Gedney’s. Colleen reported to me that Judy had been quite responsive and happy to see them at the time. She sent me the picture below.


The Gedney’s and the Westberg’s.

A couple of months ago I received a disturbing message from Colleen. They had made another visit to the Gedney’s, and this time they did not get the same response from Judy that they had before. She was completely unresponsive, and they were very concerned that her condition had deteriorated even more. It had been over a year since my last visit, and I decided that I needed to make a return trip, so my sister Alice, who had been on Judy’s girls team in high school, and I took a day trip to Macomb to check in on the Gedney’s.

We first met in Roger’s apartment in the Retirement unit. Roger and Judy were on the couch. Judy appeared to be sleeping, and we had a very nice conversation with Roger. Alice is hoping to go on a mission to Haiti in the near future, and Roger and Judy had done extensive work down there on behalf of the Salvation Army, so Roger was able to provide Alice with advice and insight on that front.

After a half-hour or so Roger suggested that we take a tour of the facility, and he roused Judy. To my great relief she woke with a smile on her face, and that smile mostly persisted through the rest of our visit. She seemed to recognize us and made some attempts at communication. Roger said that her physical therapy has gone well. She is now able to walk with the assistance of a single person, and her daily walks can now be measured in hundreds of yards. Her cognitive skills have not made much of a recovery, but Roger says that wherever her mind is at he feels it must be a happy place based on the infectious smile she wears when she is not too tired to respond.


Roger and Judy and I

Roger remains a devoted husband, and he is at her side throughout her waking hours, and it is very inspiring to see the depth of his devotion to her.


The basement of the Salvation Army with Tim Piper and Alice

Before heading out of town we did stop by the Salvation Army church to visit one part of Roger’s legacy in Macomb. Over 30 years ago Roger opened up a weight-training facility in the basement of the church, and that facility continues to thrive under the leadership of his disciple Tim Piper. Generations of young people have found a home there, and there are a number of kids from the current generation who will be competing at the national level this year.



7 thoughts on “Roger and Judy Update, October 21, 2017

  1. John Meyer says:

    I owe a lot to Robert Clow and Roger Gedney. I’m John Meyer a Still Ring Specialist from 1968-72. I competed in a lot of meets. My best score on rings was 8.2 against UICC. I later became a power lifter and bench pressed 415 at 220 in 1984. Roger helped me get a job as a Phys. Ed.teacher. Jerry Westburg was my teammate too.


  2. Kevin Eberle says:

    Can anyone please tell me if Roger is still alive and where he might be? I am an old friend of both Roger and Judy and have been since 1965. Roger coached at Glenbard East and Judy was at East Leyden. Any help would be appreciated>


    • captainunivac says:

      Hi Kevin–
      Roger is indeed alive and well. He was in a low place after Judy died, and was a bit reluctant to get back in the gym, that being the Salvation Army Lifting Team (SALT) that he and Judy founded in Macomb. I did see, however, posts from that group that showed Roger in the gym spotting and lifting.

      Are you on Facebook? If so, send me a friend request and I will invite you to the SALT group. If you want to contact Roger he is living at the Wesley Village Retirement Center. Your best bet would be to leave a message for him there.


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