Steelhead Coffee, September 12, 2016

Life for me is all about systems, and injuries like my current state of affairs provide tremendous opportunities to develop new systems. For example, I am right at this very moment at Steelhead Coffee trying to develop a system whereby I can comfortably blog in this, my favorite blogging spot. Have tried several different configurations of table height, distance from table, positioning of iPad on table, with less than satisfactory results (very sad face emoji here), but think I can solve this one by raising the iPad by an inch or less. Must pack appropriately sized book in future! For now, honing left-handed typing skills!

I have also modified my “get myself to Steelhead” routine as well. Normally I would walk the 1.65 miles, but in the interest of using this period of low activity to also let my work on my gait to settle I am trying to limit my walks to half-mile segments. My routine this week will be to walk the half-mile to Wardlow Station and take the bus, reversing on return.

It has been really busy at Steelhead this morning. I had the pleasure of seeing Jenni Brandon and catching up with her. Jenni is a fellow graduate of the 200 hour teacher training at Kava Yoga. Jenni and her husband Simon were in the class prior to mine, and while I did it to further my own very new practice, Jenni is all about the teaching. I think she teaches a couple of hundred classes a week (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) at various places around town (including Kava) as well as subscription classes at her house.


The featured image for this entry is the mural on the outside wall by Yoskay Yamamoto and associates. One afternoon last week I stopped by the Fox Coffee House and found it to be a bustle of activity that seemed to be centered around a young Asian man seated at a table writing in a notebook. On inquiry I found out that the bustlers were filming a documentary and the young man was none other than Yoskay himself! I got to meet him and see that the notebook was a sketch pad. The Fox was used as a location as it is home to another of Yamamoto’s murals.


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