It’s Official! Sunday, March 10, 2019

I am now on the schedule to teach two classes per week at Pilates X Studios in Long Beach! I had my first class, and my first three official students, on Thursday, March 7. Going forward I will be teaching a fundamental level Mat class at 4 on Thursdays, followed by a fundamental level Reformer class at 5. The Mat class is FREE! and the Reformer class is at a reduced price of $15.

One of these

One of these is not like the others!

My training program is proceeding apace. I am required to do two internships, one observations and the other teaching. Normally one would do Internship I (observing) one semester and then Internship II the next, but I am trying to fit them in both this semester. I need 62 hours of each, and currently I have accrued 24 hours of observation and 17 teaching hours, so the rest of this semester is going to be rather busy!

Pilates Strong

Still working on it!

On the restoration of the physical plant (my body) front, my battle to restore the functionality of my right foot and retrain my gait is coming along very well. My right foot now tracks properly almost by default. There was a point in time where it was possible to get it dialed in, but that took considerable mindful effort, but now it quite often is ready to roll right out of the box.

When I go for longer trudges I now find myself breaking into a run just because it feels good. I have always been good at keeping up a good pace going uphill, but because of the lack of stability in that foot any kind of downhill was slow and tortuous. Not now, and on my last couple of excursions I was even able to run (slowly) even the steep segments. That is a huge improvement and will greatly enhance my chances of achieving a reasonable pace for my Bryce Canyon 50K in May!


I must be doing a good job of building up the necessary musculature. Back when I was in college my old gymnastics coach Roger Gedney once said to me “Univac*, if I were you I would sue those legs for lack of support!” Things have changed, and in a mat class last week we were doing some heel lifts when Miss Becky (or Mistress Becky) pointed out the definition in my calves to the entire class:-)! Progress is being made as before even finding my calves would have been a challenge.

*Roger and his wife Judy were the ones who originally coined my nom de plume of Captain Univac.



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