Status and Saya, Monday, February 19, 2018

First, a status update…

Monday morning at Steelhead Coffee. It is now 9:17. I have been here since about 7:30. Had my usual cortado and side of bacon, along with a nice chat with first Veeseuth, and then we were joined by Drew and Patty, who were on their way to their workplaces and had palmed their kids (school holiday) off on Patty’s sister for the morning.

Did a little bit of organizing and planning before being distracted again by a very nice couple of couples, one local and one visiting from Pasadena. Shared some information with them about trails in the Mount Wilson and Portuguese Bend area.


Kite surfers or parasailers? The latter.

About that Portuguese Bend area, that was where I headed yesterday (Sunday) for my hill workout. The past week has been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of affect regarding my readiness (or lack thereof) for my inaugural ultramarathon, which is now just about two months away. There have been a couple of occasions where I was really starting feel light on my feet, marking my peaks, and others when those feet wouldn’t feel so well. Going into Sunday my afternoon walks had been kind of disappointing on Friday and Saturday.


Or as Kerry Winston Ward put it, “obviously an invitation.”

I was a bit down about that, and then I did recall that Mary-Morgan had put me through 90 minutes of triple stepping prior to my Friday walk, and Saturday’s ballet class had involved a whole lot of jumping. Both of those exercises were both very good for my feet, but also very taxing.

Sunday’s workout went well. I started at the gate at the end of Forrestal Drive (closed when I got there) and went up the Pirate’s Trail (aka, Quarry Trail?), a real killer that takes one from 455 ft to 820 ft in just three-tenths of a mile. No running there, but a great warm-up and more than a little bit of a heart-breaker.


I could run this for days. Not yet, but soon. A nice, easy path and you feel like you are flying.

Once I got over the hump the trail flattened out quite a bit, and the next 0.8 miles (to the Flying Mane Trail and down to the Fossil Trail) featured very mild grades and shaded running. It was just the kind of terrain I need to be accustomed to running, and I was able to comfortably run all of it. The next half mile or so down to the canyon bottom was more challenging, but I was still able to maintain a better pace than usual.

For the most part I took the wide, road-grade routes up to the junction of Crenshaw and the Peacock Flats Trail running some of the more forgiving uphill sections. Did a little bit of running on the return trip on the flatter sections, but stopped the downhill running when I started pounding the ground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Made it back to my car still in pretty good shape. My moleskin patch had held up like a star through the entire hike, and indeed until the next morning. I had completed a proper trudge: 6.5 miles with just over a 1000 feet of elevation gain. I did it in just over 2 hours. Multiply by 5 and that becomes 32.5 miles in somewhat more than “just over” ten hours. Closer to my goal (31 miles in under 10 hours) with plenty of room for improvement!

… and now for some Saya

Now for something completely different. On Saturday night I got to see my friend Saya Novinger perform at her own showcase at Bar Lubitsch. Saya is very high up on my list of “Amazing Young Women I Have the Privilege of Knowing”. She has an amazing background. By birth she is half Native American and half white colonist. She was adopted as an infant by a couple. Her adopted mother is Japanese, and her adopted father was a US diplomat. She lived in 8 different countries (from Paraguay, where her first language was Spanish, to her last and dearest love, Syria) by the time she was 20.


With Saya above Santa Ynez Canyon

Saya also has an amazing array of talents. She is adept with languages, and currently earns her keep by guiding tours for Japanese tourists–in Japanese. She is also a skilled and fearless rock climber who has her sights set on El Capitan. Saya is a strong and committed activist who made a pilgrimage to Standing Rock in December 2016 to deliver supplies and stand with the Water Protectors. I seem to recall that she has competitive swimming chops as well, but the details are hazy.

Missus Jones

Channeling Amy

Saya is an aspiring singer/songwriter. I had seen her a couple of years ago channeling Amy Winehouse with the cover band Missus Jones and was very much impressed with her performance.

I had the pleasure of hiking in Santa Ynez Canyon with Saya back in November, and at that time she was very excited that she finally felt ready to showcase her solo singing and her own songs. She was scheduled to perform on 11/25 at Bar Lubitsch, and I planned on attending.


I was getting ready to leave that evening when I got a text from Saya telling me that she was going to have to cancel the show because of a family emergency. Over the next several days the story emerged–her father and her step-mother had been swimming in a river near Hilo in Hawaii and were swept over Rainbow Falls. Both perished, and Saya was devastated. She had been very close to her dad, and for the past couple of months her healing process has been mirrored by her social media posts.

Saya and Dad

Young Saya with her father

Saya finally felt ready enough to reschedule her showcase for Saturday, 2/17/2018, again at Bar Lubitsch. Of course she came down with a persistent bad cold a couple of weeks beforehand, but she pushed on through and delivered a beautiful performance. Befitting her wide-ranging background Saya presented a very eclectic range of music, from the Appalachian ballads that she first fell in love with, through the bossa-nova (in Spanish) reflecting her South American residencies, and culminating in her own music.


On stage at last, cradling her newest love

Saya also displayed both versatility and artistry on her brand new Gretsch guitar, especially considering the range of styles she performed and the fact that she has only had it for a few weeks now.

Vocally, there were a couple of times when she had to pause to clear one of those aggravating frogs that can catch in one’s throat, but she pushed on through.  My personal favorite was her spellbinding rendition of one of her own compositions titled, very aptly, Phoenix. She apologized before playing Phoenix about her tendency to write sad songs, and said she wrote this song to counter that trend. It is a very powerful song and a spectacular showcase for her amazing (funny how that word keeps cropping up) vocal range. After worrying all week about hitting those high notes she delivered in the clutch!

This was a wonderful night, and I was amazingly happy to see that Saya has indeed risen from the ashes of her despair and is now ready to spread her wings like the phoenix that she is!

Bar Lubitsch 2

I would also be remiss if I did not give a shout out to the venue, Bar Lubitsch. If anyone did follow my blog, then they would know the high regard I have for good sound engineers. I believe that the responsible person was the energetic young lady in the white tee shirt who would dart in like a ninja to so very competently deal with sound and equipment. I don’t know if she is attached to the venue or a freelancer, but in either case the result was spectacular! The venue itself was very comfortable, parking was easy, and it is a great place for small showcases.

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