Status Update, Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I have been somewhat less diligent than usual regarding my blogging! A conspiracy of factors are at work: I am doing a LOT of walking (6-12 miles daily, average about 8) and that takes a LOT of time, and I have also been supporting my housemate Ramona’s yoga studio, Flow LBC. I am not really cleared on yoga yet–at this point in time doing a down dog could be very detrimental to my recovery–but I have been taking 3-4 yoga classes a week at Flow LBC. Luckily, this has been a bit of a boon as the classes have been largely private classes with Ashley Corbin-Teich, Katie Bond, and Sam Parker, and they have been able to tailor their instruction specifically to my needs! I love the way things work out some times, but I do hope that I start getting more company in their classes. Check out their schedule here.


The problem with all the walking and yoga classes is that between the time spent walking, and all the time spent getting to and from and attending the yoga classes, my day gets so cut up into segments too small for me to get much writing done. Plus, I have had some technical difficulties as my keyboard for my iPad stopped working, and without the keyboard that iPad was not much use for blogging (sad face emoji here). Those difficulties have been resolved, and here I am again!


Wednesday was a rainy day, and I also needed some foundational work on my new gait, so I went to LA Fitness to walk real slow on the treadmill and use the elliptical trainer. I went into the nearly empty gym to do some yoga, and I noticed the young couple in the picture above. They had set up a step platform and were taking turns jumping off backwards and landing on one leg. They looked like serious athletes, so I asked if they were training for something. They said yes, they were both figure skaters. I asked what level they skated at, and she said she had competed in the Olympics and he said he is the National Champion, and “…by the way, she is a national champion too.” They are Adam Rippon, the current Senior Men’s National Champion, and she is Ashley Wagner, current World Silver Medalist and a three-time Senior Women’s National Champion!

I guess I had better talk a bit about my physical status lest I be accused of false advertising. Not much new on the triceps front, but this is a time when no news is good news. Nothing much to do but be careful and not get hurt, and so far I have been successful on that front. I have made excellent progress on getting my gait straightened out, and now can really walk almost on a line. Executing that walk and adjusting to it, though, are two different things, and while I can do it I am now in a “two steps forward, one step back” mode where I sometimes need to take time off from walking to let my ankle and foot adjust. Good thing it’s raining out!

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