Sunday Morning, August 21, 2016

It’s Sunday morning at DRNK, and things are starting to look up a bit. I may have mentioned in an earlier post that I have been feeling a bit frustrated with my lack of progress since returning from my cross-country journey. Last weekend was particularly trying. I took an ambitious hike that Friday (8.2 miles with a trip over the Hollywood Hills) and my feet were not happy with me. Last Saturday’s ballet class at Elevation Studios was a bit of a disaster as my right ankle did not want to work at all, and during the week I had to cut back on my walking and get back into doing the therapeutic work that had served me well in the past.

This weekend I decided to try a bit more of a cautious approach, with a hike that was still 7.2 miles but with a bit less (400 feet) of elevation gain, and my feet made it through with flying colors. Yesterday in ballet class I was not only able to handle the barre portion with aplomb, but was even able to function well in the across the floor portions. I was even able to do jumps, something that my knees have not allowed for the past eight months, and which made my teacher, Carri Burbank, very happy! Next on the agenda is yoga with Ramona at Yoga World Studios at 11.

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