Status Update, Tuesday, January 30, 2018


It is Tuesday morning. I am at Steelhead and will soon be heading over to LA Fitness for my weekly yoga class with JR (don’t call me William) Johnson. I don’t take many organized yoga classes these days–just three per week–and J.R.’s classes are a highlight. A big part of having an enjoyable yoga experience is the narration provided by the teacher, and this is an area where JR clearly excels.

After class I will do my treadmill workout. My short-term goal is to finish the Zion 50K Ultramarathon this April in the time allotted. I have ten hours to complete the 31 mile course, most of which is on trails or even cross country at times. While it is definitely possible to maintain at least a 3.1 mph pace walking, my task will be much easier if I can run the easy parts. I am using the treadmill to sneak up on running and am making good progress. I have been able to sustain 15 minutes of running, part on a 10% grade at 3.5 mph, and on a 4% grade at speeds up to 5.5 mph. The first couple of times I ran my right ankle complained a lot afterwards, but those complaints have dropped off to almost nothing. I will be ready to take my running to the road as soon as I get my shoe situation sorted out.


Vegan Tacos at Fox Coffee House–Every Tuesday!!



Ashley Shaw, none the worse for wear after teaching three classes.

It is now Tuesday afternoon, and I have just finished my weekly dose of vegan tacos at the Fox Coffee House. The treadmill went well again today, and once I finish writing I will be heading over out for a walk on the CSULB campus, followed by a Pilates class at Pilates X. My usual teacher, Becky Tyo, is out this week recovering from a medical procedure, which has me kind of bummed out, but her class yesterday was more than ably covered by new teacher Ashley Shaw. It turns out that Ashley used to teach with my core coach, Stephanie, and there was a lot of familiar material in her class that had me missing Stephanie again.

I am starting to feel stronger again! On Sunday, rather than go for a longer hike I decided to work on my pace. I hiked 3.5 miles and 1580 feet up the Mount Wilson Toll Road at a pace just over 3.0 mph, and then managed to maintain 3.5 mph for the downhill portion. That is a pace that if I could extend to 31 miles would make me a finisher for the ultra. My feet still were fine afterwards, and in my swing dance lesson with Mary-Morgan Childs on Monday I even got my right foot to hopping as we worked on a bit of a Charleston step. Onward and upward!

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